Field Trips

Thank you for considering an environmental education program with Camp Y-Koda Outdoor Skills and Education. We offer a wide variety of high quality environmental education programs for students of all ages at a variety of locations including Camp Y-Koda, Maywood Environmental Park, the Sheboygan County Marsh and the Kiel Marsh. If you can’t make it to us, we can bring nature to your classroom.
We believe that the best learning experiences are those designed to reinforce concepts being learned in the classroom, therefore we will work with you to select and modify programs as needed to meet all of your students’ needs. We also believe that environmental education is at its best when it is integrated and infused across curriculum, rather than being treated as a separate discipline or subject area. Our programs are designed around state and national standards and reflect best practices created by the North American Association of Environmental Education.
Our field experiences are designed around our local environment because we believe that the importance of where one lives is relevant to learning. Close to home - place based education encourages learners to form connections with, explore and understand their immediate surroundings. The knowledge and skills needed for this local connection provides a foundation for further examination of larger systems, bigger issues and an expanding understanding of the natural world and its complexities.
Our experiences are designed to be rooted in the real world so that learners have opportunities to be curious about careers in science and to allow development of knowledge and skills through direct experience with the environment and its issues. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you and your students. We are your partner in education.
Contact Sarah Dezwarte for further information at