Y-Koda Nature School 4K

The mission of Y-Koda Nature School is to provide a high quality, hands-on early childhood experience aligning with the most current child development research and inspiring a lifelong connection with nature through play.

Our program provokes students to connect with their surroundings and learn beyond the worksheet. At Y-Koda Nature School Students are exposed to...

  • Learning real-world concepts and applications
  • Plenty of outdoor art opportunities
  • Unrestricted play invitations at a variety of natural play areas
  • Science discoveries
  • Lessons provided by a certified naturalist
  • Sensory explorations, both indoors and outside
  • Relationship building opportunities
  • Authentic mathematical applications
  • Dramatic play experiences

…and beyond!

Our three-way partnership between the Sheboygan Area School District, Camp Y-Koda and Maywood Environmental Park allows us to offer tuition-free, nature based 4K education. Enroll your child today!


kid in tree

leaf crown kid