High Ropes Course

High Ropes include different elements that are up to 30-40 feet off the ground. Our High Ropes course is built outdoors on telephone poles and use ladders, climbing ropes, steel cables, and wood to create challenges high up. One of the major benefits of a high ropes course experience is the increased self-esteem that participants get from doing things that they thought were not possible.

Children must be at least 9 years old in order to participate. All climbers must complete the release form. 

High Ropes Course - Rates

High Ropes Course - Waiver Form



For Booking, contact (920) 467-6882 or Dani at droscovius@sheboygancountyymca.org.

photo of a climbing wall

photo of a pole


Climb a 30 foot pool, stand on a small platform at top & leap off.

Photo of rope swings


Walk through a series of 6 swinging platforms 30 feet off the ground. 

Photo of high ropes


Walk a tight rope 30 feet off the ground using vines (ropes) that are about 4 feet apart to help stabilize yourself.

photo of a zip line


Participants climb a pole, walk across a log 25 feet in the air, leap off a platform & zip down the line!

photo of a rock wall


Participants climb as high as they can on the 40 foot wall.

High Ropes Group photo