Camp Y-Koda believes some of the best future counselors are our current campers.  The Leaders in Training program at Camp Y-Koda allows the opportunity for our older campers to slowly transition into leadership roles through projects, team building experiences, volunteerism, and assisting lead counselors throughout the camp day.  The leadership camps offer a great opportunity for personal growth and wonderful comradery as part of a team. 




This is a leadership development camp for campers interested in becoming counselors and leaders outside of camp. It will consist of becoming affiliated with the summer camp program and expectations. The focus will be on teamwork, positive character development, problem solving, values, communication and becoming a positive role model. Subjects during the week will emphasize inclusion, community, relationships and project management. The CITs will also have the opportunity to help out with our younger camp groups to put some of their newly learned skills to work. The program is designed to challenge the teen participants to be positive role models and future leaders at camp, at school and in our community. 


**If your teen is interested in volunteering with us for the Assistant Counselor Volunteer program, we recommend all new volunteers to take this camp. During the week we will also provide the Day Camp Licensing pre-camp training requirements in order to volunteer with us.  




  • CITs learn about the Y's four core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility, and how they fit into our lives.



  • CITs will focus on effective methods of communication, collaborating as a team and why communication is so important.



  • CITs will learn about listening and communicating with others as a leader. They will use these skills in a variety of ways throughout summer and beyond.



  • CITs learn about working with others from many different backgrounds, preventing exclusion as a form of bullying, and the importance of including everyone. We are stronger together! 



  • CITs will focus on building quality relationships while at camp with peers, campers and staff. Strong relationships equal a vibrant camp community. 



  • CITs will focus on coaching and mentoring others to the best of their ability. This includes finding what motivates others to succeed and what type of strategies can be used to mentor others. 



  • CITs will focus on what it means to self-develop, how growth applies to us, and the effect that seeking growth has on each of us as individuals.




Age 14 & Older

The Assistant Counselor Volunteer Program offers countless opportunities to interact with children, lead activities and participate in camp programs. Volunteers fulfill many different roles at camp. Volunteers must have a sincere desire to become strong leaders, a wish to give back to the camp community, a strong work ethic, lots of energy and creativity, a positive attitude and the ability to put children's needs ahead of their own.


The objective of this volunteer program is to better prepare the participants to be future leaders, in or outof the camp setting. This is done through hands-onexperiences, guidance from staff members and, of course, training. Our camp requires all volunteers to partake in the mandatory pre-camp trainingto learn the expectations and duties of an Assistant Counselor Volunteer. Although it is not required, we highly recommend enrolling into our CIT Camp (June 14-18, 2021). In the CIT Camp, our participants will receive the mandatory pre-camp training and in addition learn ice breakers & games, communication & teamwork, and themission of the YMCA and Camp Y-Koda. More information about the CIT camp can be found in our summer camp brochure



  1. Complete our volunteer application form, which contains general & essay-style questions, recommendation forms, and the character contract.
  2. Once completed, email your  application to Kaitlyn, Summer Camp Director at krautmann@sheboygancountyymca.org OR drop/mail the form to Camp Y-Koda at our address.
  3. Once your application has been reviewed, a represenative will contact you for a potential interview and discuss the camp training information.

For all past volunteers who wish to volunteer in 2021, please contact the Summer Camp Director at krautmann@sheboygancountyymca.org for the steps to volunteer again.