Resident Camps

Ages 9-13

Two of the most popular camps from last summer are back with a resident camp inspired twist! These themed resident camps are a five day, four night experience for kids who can't get enough of Camp Y-Koda. We'll spend the week on our own schedule at our own pace. Our resident campers will stay in our cozy lodges each night or perhaps we'll challenge ourselves by sleeping outdoors for a night. 

All resident camps include meals, snacks and tons of action-packed fun. This is a great experience for campers to disconnect from technology and distractions of outside life for the week, offering unforgettable positive experience. An email will be sent to families prior to each camp with details and information about the week ahead.

A Typical Day of Resident Camp

2023 Resident Camps

Wizardry Resident Camp ..... July 10 - 14, 2023

Finally, Wizardry camp has returned with a new magical twist, resident camp! Attend a week of Hogwarts and begin your transition into a full blown wizard through a series of games, challenges, adventures, crafts and more. The week will consist of wand making, house sorting, patronus classes and crafting our very own camp friendly butter beer. Of course there will be Quidditch matches as well! If you love Harry Potter, you will love this camp! This camp will be taking mid-week day field trips to local sites through the week. Below the Additional Waiver Forms are required.  

Zombie Camp photo

Stranded Camp ..... July 24 - 28, 2023

We decided the only way to make Stranded Camp better was to turn it into a resident camp allowing for full blown, outrageous adventures that can go all day and into the evening. A day camp in the past, Stranded Camp became an instant favorite designed to mimic the once popular "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. Campers will be given scenarios and have to make a choice as a group. Each choice will lead them to an unknown adventure or challenge with the ultimate goal of surviving the scenario presented at the beginning of the week. 

By turning Stranded into a resident camp, we have opened the door for some amazing and memorable escapades. Perhaps you will be setting up tents for an evening out, or paddling down a river, or using your compass to find your way out of an unknown woods. You won't know until you've made your choice. Adventure awaits! 

Stranded Camp Photo