Young girl in black leotard stretching in class

Gymnastics Classes

Our Sheboygan facility provides classes for ages from 9 months/crawling to 18 years, from beginner through advanced levels.

Classes are offered every day of the week except Sunday. Many special programs are offered on Sundays during the school year.

Family Times

All Ages

Boys and Girls

Children of all ages must be supervised by a parent or adult. These are fun, family gymnastics times to explore, roll, swing, balance and flip upside down together!

Family Movement

Crawlers - 4 Years

Boys and Girls

Designed to introduce children to the sport of gymnastics with the assistance. Your child will develop overall body coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and poise with musical games, obstacle courses and the Tumbl Trak.

“Newbie” Nastics

Ages 3 - 5 (and Potty Trained)

Boys and Girls

Class begins with locomotor activities, range of motion exercises and fun warm-ups incorporating music and rhythm. Children are introduced to gymnastics by exploring movement through obstacle courses, the Tumbl Trak, parachute games and multi-station less

Jump and Splash

Ages 3 - 5 (and Potty Trained), Must have completed Inias.

Boys and Girls

Gymnastics Center

This class is a convenient way to attend two of our most popular programs. Help develop basic movement and coordination skills. The 2nd half of the class is in the Garton Pool. Children develop self-confidence, learn independence and safety in the water.


Age 3 (and Potty Trained) - Age 14

Boys and Girls

Age-grouped program to learn gymnastics for fitness, recreation and fun. Work on gymnastic skills and conditioning exercises on boys and girls equipment in an obstacle course format. Get ready to roll, swing, balance and flip upside down!

Private Lessons

Age 5 and Older

Boys and Girls

Private lessons are for students who prefer concentrated training to focus on goals, to acquire tumbling skills for cheerleading and dance, and for therapeutic purposes. Lessons are for up to 3 people.

Purchase punch card for 5 lessons, get your 6th one free!

Little Springers

Ages 4 - 6

Boys and Girls

Boys and girls must be able to do a skin the cat, backward roll and have teacher’s recommendation to enroll in this class. This is an advanced preschool class to prepare for training team in the spring 2018 session

Novice Gymnastics

Ages 5 - 9

Boys and Girls

This novice class is for boys and girls who are new to gymnastics. Children will learn basic gymnastic skills on the four Olympic events. This is a great starter class for children graduating from our preschool program.

Gymnastics for Boys and Girls

Ages 6 - 14

Boys and Girls

Classes begin with fun warm ups. Then, girls participate on four Olympic events–vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Boys participate on six Olympic events – vault, high bar, still rings, pommel horse, floor exercise and parallel bars.

Pre-Team for Girls

Ages 7 - 14


This is the same structured class as our grade/middle school gymnastics, but more advanced. Children must be able to do a hip pullover, bridge and 3/4 handstand on the beam. It is great preparation for training team and team!