Audience sitting with lights dimmed waiting for red curtain to open

Fine Arts

Helping youth exercise their imaginations and discover their creative potential.

At the Y, we believe young people can benefit from creative outlets that encourage self-expression and discovery. We offer an extensive range of exciting programs in the areas of dance, drama and music.

Every class, workshop and event cultivates a safe and nurturing environment that allows kids to take risks in creating art and performing. Whether in the dance studio, on the stage or in a lesson, children discover the rewards of creative achievement and develop a sense of innovation that will carry through into their adult lives.



Ages 1-18

Boys and Girls

Our instructors have many years of training, a passion for dance, and a strong desire to give students a positive, professional experience. Your child will have the opportunity to learn and have fun while gaining greater self-esteem and self-discipline.

Benefits of Dance for Youth

  • Grows concentration skills and memory
  • Cultivates imagination and creativity
  • Enhances fine and gross motor skills
  • Teaches body awareness and self-expression
  • Encourages cooperation and teamwork to dance as a group
  • Improves posture and body control
  • Makes exercise fun


Ages 3-18

Boys and Girls

Young performers learn theater concepts and vocabulary while building confidence and self-esteem through theater classes, workshops and productions. Growing performers progress through program levels in acting, musical theater, and character exploration.

Benefits of Theatre for Youth

  • Builds self-confidence by allowing a safe place for children and teens to take appropriate risks
  • Cultivates teamwork and teaches cooperation to make a scene come to life
  • Harnesses creativity and imagination
  • Develops verbally and nonverbally expression and interpretation including social cues and body language
  • Increases concentration and focus of mind and body
  • Boost communication skills by improving projection and articulation
  • Increases literacy, reading and critical thinking skills

Private Music Lessons

All Ages

All Skill Levels

A customized learning plan will be created based on the student’s skills, interests and goals. Areas of study include sight-reading, keyboard skills, rhythm, ear training, accompanying, technique, performance, theory, and composition.