Sheboygan Chinooks Swim Team

Sheboygan Chinooks Swim Team

2021 - 2022 Swim Team Packet

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Our Philosophy is everyone swims everyone wins.

The Y swim team offers many different levels to fit the ability of every swimmer.  They are broken down by age and ability.  This way, a swimmer will be swimming with others with similar abilities.  This gives each individual the opportunity to swim appropriate workouts designed for their capabilities.

We offer 3 different levels for swimmers between the ages of 6 and 8.  These groups practice in the Garton pool 2 to 3 days a week.  They are grouped by skill level so they get the attention they need to improve on endurance and skill level.  

Swimmers 9 and over have many different levels to fit their ability.  We offer a group designed for those who have never swam competitively to those who have swam since they were 6.  Here are the levels that are offered:

  • Bronze 2- 9 and over with little to no experience.
  • Bronze 1- 9 and over with experience but still need to work on stroke development.
  • Silver 2- 10 and over with experience, understand a workout, still need work on stroke development.
  • Silver 1- 11 and over with experience, workouts on timed intervals,  still need work on stroke development.
  • Gold – 12 and over who have experience, have certain time standards, interval workouts, still work on stroke development.

High School swimmers are offered programs to fit in with their high school seasons.

Our Coaches

Kara Schuh has been coaching at the Y for 20 plus years and for the past 20 has been the 8 and under coach.

Debbie Harry has been coaching at the Y for 18 seasons and became the Head Coach in 2016.  Debbie works with the 9 and over groups.  She creates the workouts for the entire season for each group.  Debbie’s main focus is the Silver 1, gold and high school groups.

Brayden, Derek and Shaina grew up as a Chinook and are now coaches.  They are sharing their knowledge of swimming with the younger swimmers of today.  They swam  other programs and learned other ways of teaching.  This is a benefit to the program.