RESET Challenge starts February 1, 2021

Six weeks, 30 minutes a day, five days a week! We’ll experiment with challenges and rhythms designed to open us up to a purpose-driven life. Take the Challenge, have some fun, and discover what it means to Hit the RESET button.

Join the challenge with your local YMCA or come back February 1, 2021, for the start of our 6-week transformation.

To learn more please visit The STRONG LIFE


Try a  Word of the Day Workout for a quick workout at the gym or in the comfort of your own home!

Are you in need of buddy to RESET with and keep you accountable to your goals? Look no further! Check out the "STRONGLIVES" Group, a online way to connect with others and share their RESET journeys

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6 Weeks / 42 Days / 1,008 Hours … Ta-Da! You’ve now been RESET and RESTORED! You are now back to a factory-standard-ready-for-adult-life human! From here, please turn to page six in your human-manual for directions on how to perfectly proceed...

If it were only that simple, right?

There’s no manual. There’s no clear-cut path; life is messy and ever-changing, often we don’t know what lies ahead.

But, what we do know is how to RESET when we need to.

We have a fanny-pack full of insights and resources to help us RESET when we need to.

And, a STRONG LIFE community that will be here to strengthen and encourage you every step of the way!

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Your time
Your talent
Your treasure

Three pillars that hold the foundation to your character- your being.

We’ve all made choices about how to use our time, how to use our talents, and where to spend our treasure.

It’s time to REINVEST, though; to pause and take stock in where your time, talent, and treasure lie, and to reconsider how reinvesting could change your future, and your community’s future.

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When’s the last time you did the hokey-pokey, used a jump rope, or sat ‘Criss-Cross-Applesauce’ on the ground and combed a doll’s hair?

When’s the last time you did a puzzle, shuffled a deck of cards, or played with Legos?

Your paint set is dusty, your crochet hook is lonely, your wood-working is idol… it’s time to PLAY.

When we intentionally choose to PLAY, we engage our inner-child… the gentle, fun-loving, easy-going self that is under all those layers of work, chores, screens, and...adulting!

It’s time to replay the best parts of our childhood, bring back old joys, and find new ones as well!


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We’ve replaced our voice with our thumbs, our facial expressions with emojis, and our personal reactions are often reduced to a few ‘go-to’ pop-culture memes.

While the wide world of social media and connective technology continues to bring new blessings and possibilities to our lives, it also has frayed bonds and strained our human need for personal relationships.

This week, we will focus on finding new ways, and rediscovering old ways to RECONNECT with others.


Rachael is our week 3 local coach. Click on the image to the left to go through a mindful meditation with Rachael

Ask Coach Rachael questions

Additonal Resources from Coach Rachael

Choose Loving Kindness                

Connecting with Others

Owning Your Feelings

Supporting Others       







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Maybe your kitchen has turned into the food-court at the county fairgrounds? Deep fried treat in one booth, sugary drink in the next, and top it off with a processed piece of something at the last stop?

Maybe your car has become the 5-star dining experience from another dimension? Where dim lights and cloth napkins are replaced with ordering meals by illuminated numbers and delicately squeezing sauce packets on one knee while ripping off a straw wrapper with your pearly whites?

The fuel we put in our bodies is a choice, and, unlike at a real fuel pump, the options are many.

This week, we will REFRESH our lives; learning tools to manage the balance between stress, convenience, and healthy choices.

Tiffany is our week 2 local coach. Click on the image to the left to hear her REFRESH message to you!


Ask Coach Tiffany Nutrition Questions

Week 2 Friday Reflection


“Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on?” The easiest answer to every tech glitch, right? And, after the eye-roll, and the flip of a switch, it sometimes strangely works!

But what happens when you glitch? When your body’s hardware is burdened, slow, and endlessly spinning? When your mind, body, and spirit are stuck in strange patterns; patterns that are unhealthy and glitchy?

RESET will help you fix your glitches. It will give you tools to power you ‘off’ and turn you back on to help restore and reset your hardware.

Hit the RESET button on your life; start over, and discover your God-given potential again!

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