More than just a health club, the YMCA is a social movement dedicated to improving the lives of our neighbors. As a member of Activate America, the Sheboygan County YMCA joins with 900 other Y’s to promote a healthier lifestyle for our community. We are committed to providing support, encouragement, and resources to those in need. Problems like hunger, poverty, homelessness and addictions tear communities apart.  At the Y, we work hard to make those problems a thing of the past. Locally, nationally and across the globe, we work tirelessly to support and advocate for those in need.

Giving Campaigns

Endowment  – Sheboygan County
Endowment  – Camp Y-Koda
Lohmann Legacy

Annual Campaign  – Sheboygan
Annual Campaign  – Sheboygan Falls
Annual Campaign  –  Camp Y-Koda

We Depend On You

Just as those in need depend upon us, we depend upon the support of our donors and volunteers. People working together in a spirit of compassion, community, and commitment can accomplish anything.